Dixie Mattress Festival


2018 Dixie Mattress Festival 
July 20th, 21st, 22nd
Neal Creek Resort
Scio, Oregon

Hello Dixie friends and family. The long wait is finally over for 2018 Dixie Mattress Festival. We have found a magical venue located on a heavily wooded 156 acre lot.  Our vision for DMF #9 is simple and straightforward. To have a great time, in a great venue, with great people and one of the greatest bands to ever walk out onto a stage. The goal now is to let everyone to know what was going on. Those who are flying in will still fly into Portland and either rent a car or meet up with your favorite local friend.  It is too far to make lyft or uber a viable choice.We would also want everyone to share with as many of their friends or favorite music sites as possible. We are going back to our roots, that means we need your help to get the word out.  The venue is magical and you will not want to miss this year. Thanks everyone for your support!

"The Vision, Part-9"
I would never have even tried to envision nine years in the beginning, never.
 Kelly, myself and entire DMF crew could never have envisioned what this event has grown into.  We cannot thank everyone enough for all the things that have been done over the years to make this the best little three day festival in the world!  Honestly we feel a debt. You created something much bigger and more deeply entrenched in our lives than what we had expected.   Due to many, many factors, we stepped aside last year and the band graciously took over.  After a year off we be stepping back into our original roles.  This is only possible with total band support and with your continuing support.  Now it is up to you to keep it alive and kicking...

The first year we sent this out not actually knowing if it was going to work at all. Now it's seven years later and we are in awe of everyone's support.

I still don't know how to accurately express our thanks to the band.  If the band reads this, realize I may get tongue tied in person and stumble through the words of thanks from everyone involved  I  think this sums it up.

"We love you more than the words can tell."  

            Because of each of you in our extended "Dixie Family", this has worked.  Years ago, it was said that this event grows family.  Well, "family", once again the god of lost of venues has reared it's ugly head. Yet somehow, we manage to keep the beast at bay.  We will be once again asking everyone to follow our lead as we move.  And, of course,  this will have it's own special set of trials, tribulations, challenges and rewards.  While it is very sad that we lost a beautiful public place as one door closes another has opened. 

Being able to produce these shows has been a huge honor.  We have tried to capture the group consciousness while producing these shows, but the truth is we are not full time promoters.  We are made up of people you stand next to during the shows.  The group of people who have helped to make these shows possible continue to stay in the shadows and never ask for anything in return.  They truly are the backbone of Dixie.  From the humble beginnings along the McKenzie river our first year, then out to the high desert of southern Oregon for our second year which then led us to a farm tucked in among mcmansions for years three and four, you traveled and arrived in year five and six to make it yours.  Now it's lucky number seven at "The Birk" in Birkenfeld, Oregon.  If you are a long time fan of Jerry's music you probably know the reputation the Virginia City had gotten as special and out of the way.  This was Oregon's Virgina City. Then out to Star Gazer Farms as Kelly and I took some much needed time off. Now we are looking towards year number 9!

   Our vision was to plan an event that is unique.  A special event but this year we will not limit ticket sales.  You do need to buy in advance.    We tried to start something special.  In hindsight, we ended up creating a place where everyone could make it as special as they wanted.  This show is being put on by people like you, for people like you.           

            We want to continue to provide the opportunity for folks to camp and be with friends and family.  You will get to see Jerry Joseph and The Jackmormons on the bands own terms in a special setting with the extended family.   It is our desire to provide a place where the Jackmormons ARE the show! A place where we will gather, enjoy the music with our longtime friends as well as friends we have not yet met, and our extended family.  A place where the bar is not closing, where you can dance, relax and enjoy the show.  A place where no one is telling you that you can?t dance here or you have to leave now, we're closing.  A place where you don?t have to worry about driving in order to get home.  A place to be among friends and people who are there for the same reasons as you, to enjoy the music that holds a special place in all our hearts.  Music under the stars again.   You know how different it is to have the music outside, unencumbered by the inside acoustics of a room or that boxed in feel that being walled in has.  We want to leave only footprints when we leave.  I know that you will all give us your support in accomplishing this task.

            You made this event happen through Jerry?s music.  This event is only as special as YOU make it.  The last five years you made it very special.  The people this year have very high standards to live up to.  Look out for each other.  Take care of each other.  Everyone there will be ?family.?  Everyone will be kind.  Everyone here is a friend of someone and everyone.  Everyone in attendance will be there because they were meant to be.   We are looking forward to seeing everyone again!


One Love


The Dixie Mattress Festival



Jerry Joseph And The Jackmormons






Camping available on site.  There is no vehicle access to campsites. We allow all types of camping. Tent, RV, Trailer or car camping.  No fires at campsite.  Fresh drinking water available on site. 


Ticket On Sale Date:




Come out and show your support


Yes that is a band sponsored t-shirt!


 DMF #9

 July 20, 21, 22, 2018

The first day for ticket sales:TBA

The last day for ticket sales: TBA

The location is on heavily wooded Private Property

We are looking forward to having a great time at our new place.  


                                    Tickets 3-day pass w/camping $???
                                               June - 2012 



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